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Turn your unwanted gold into cash!


Have gold you don't need anymore? We buy gold on the spot!


Here's how it works:


1. Bring your unwanted gold into our store (click for directions)


2. Our staff will weigh and appraise your gold


3. Get your payment immediately in store!









Hunt for buried treasure in your home today and turn it into cash tomorrow.  


Broken rings, unmatched earrings, knotted and kinked chains and out-of-style pendants are like finding buried treasure. The “treasure” is the precious metal content of the item. When the item is refined, the precious metal can be reclaimed and recycled.


How to Identify Precious Metals


Gold can usually be identified by markings on your jewelry in karats, such as: 8kt, 9kt, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt. Some gold may be marked as .585 for 14kt and .750 for 18kt. Yellow and white are the most common colors for gold, but gold can also be green and rose-colored.



Bring in your gold today for instant cash!


We are located at: 3209 Paces Ferry Pl #10 Atlanta, Georgia 30305 


(404) 846 8122


Store Location



Click here to get detailed directions


Paces Ferry Place is off of West Paces Ferry, and we are in the shopping strip right across from Carter Barnes.


Sunday Paper Winner 









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